Day 2: Tour of Viking Museum and Cathedral at Roskilde

Day 2: Tour of Viking Museum and Cathedral at Roskilde

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After an exciting introduction to the city with our historical Copenhagen tour, on day 2 we traveled to Roskilde to learn more about Denmark’s rich history.  Our group visited the Viking Ship Museum which holds five unique viking ships discovered in the nearby fjord buried underwater for nearly 900 years.  The ships took 25 years to piece back together and are on display at the museum.  Boatbuilders were also able to create full-scale sailing ships modeled after the ruins of the viking ships using replicas of viking tools.  Outside on the museum lawn, students played games inspired by the period when vikings inhabited Roskilde.

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We also toured the Cathedral at Roskilde built in the 1170s.  The Cathedral holds the tombs of Denmark’s royalty and over the centuries it has maintained its exquisite design and splendor! In 1995, the Roskilde Cathedral was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list of properties having outstanding value.

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