Day 1 Study Abroad Copenhagen: City Walking Tour

Day 1 Study Abroad Copenhagen: City Walking Tour

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Day 1 kicked off with a historical city walking tour led by Anders Larsen.

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We explored sights and secrets of one of Europe’s most alluring cities.  Our tour guide Anders gave us insight of how the city tries to preserve its history while adapting to modernity–all while keeping the idea of “humans first” as its priority.  This is seen in their urban planning with generous use of green spaces and bike paths separated by city traffic.  The three-hour tour included a visit to the Hans Christian Andersen statue located between city hall and Tivoli Gardens and amusing stories about the inspiration to his ‘dark’ fairy tales.  Where they written for children or adults?  Our tour ended at parliament where students asked questions about the Danish political system.  Now we’re prepared for the week ahead filled with sight visits, tours, lectures, and research.  Ready to go!

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