Digital Storytelling in Copenhagen!

Digital Storytelling in Copenhagen!

This spring the SOWK/ANTHRO 300 course taught by Professors Paula Sheridan and Lisa Ibañez  will be traveling to Copenhagen, Denmark to explore the ways in which welfare and workfare states contribute to the well-being of children and families.  The class will also examine the gaps in service delivery and resources in both settings.  Students will participate in class meetings hosted by Metropolitan University College’s Social Work Program.  There will also be field visits relevant to course content and cultural excursions.

As part of this study abroad experience Kathy Filatreau (Instructional Technologist) and Sonia Chaidez (Instructional Media Designer) will be leading a series of workshops in Digital Storytelling.  Participating Whittier College and Metro University College students will create digital stories that explore the central theme of living with social and economic justice in a globalized world.  Our digital stories will be crafted as prompts to research how partnerships for social change in a globalized society happen and how issues surrounding children, families, immigration, environmental justice and ethics may affect populations.that reflect topics covered in courses.

We will use this space to share preparations and materials with our colleagues and students.  We will also blog about our teaching and learning experiences and showcase students work.

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